Want to know full about php

hello guys!! i im not so good for PHP but i am really very interested i know little coding on php . so will anyone tell me detail easyly about function !!! i have a website but i cant manage it by function. and will u tell me how to make my website dependable on database i mean i want to put my files in database and echo from database !!
will u help me guys .

my site is : <snip>

I think you should start by reading this book, PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition.

Sorry, but this is far too vague a question. Do a search and start learning. There are dozens of threads already on these topics as well as the thousands of tutorials on the web that will help you get started. Please search (both the forums and via your favorite search engine), and if you’ve still got SPECIFIC questions, please feel free to repost.

In the meantime, THREAD CLOSED.

anyone can give me a link that how can create a website using function fully… i cant understand how to call function and how to take data from url !!! please tell me or give me any post link for make a website using function !!!

Thank You

Why don’t you explain in your own words what you want to do? I’m sure we will be able to give you the right directions. But right now I have no idea what you are talking about :wink:

Edit: you already asked the same vague question a couple of days ago. I merged the two threads and it stays closed.