Want to convert data in Spanish using PHP

Hi Guys,

I am not sure where to write a thread.
What I want to do here to convert data in Spanish. My application is in PHP and MySQL. The data in mysql Database is imported in JSON format which creates txt files. So the data is stored in txt files in JSON format.

I want to have multi-lingual support which will support both English and Spanish.

Please give me pointers. Please note data in Mysql is coming from 3 different third parties in english.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

this has to be done by a (human) translator. (note: it wasn’t clear in the post whether the Spanish text already exists)

Translation is usually done based on the gettext utilities, which also have a PHP implementation.

Thanks Dormilich for quick reply.

No. Spanish text does not exist. It only in English.

You could try using google translate API.

from my experience with google translate I can say that it gets you the gist of a text, but it’s not an adequate replacement for a proper translation. esp. language’s native speakers will see quite fast that it is a machine translation and may get to the opinion that the responsible person did not care about the user base of that language and leave your website.

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