WAMP/LAMP/MAMP mySQL username & password (localhost Servers)

Hey everyone,
Does anybody work with WAMP, LAMP or MAMP on their computers for building database driven websites locally? I have purchased a VPS with HostGator but I would also like to be able to build locally as it saves time in development.

The issue I am faced with is that as soon as I import my .sql database file, it says “#1044 - Access denied for user ‘root@localhost’ to database ‘information_schema’”

And it says this for all 3 servers that I am running locally too: WAMP, LAMP and MAMP.

I have managed to actually connect to the database from LAMP but that was because it let me choose the MySQL username and password during the install process. And it’s still not quite working properly due to the information_schema not hooking up. The other 2 generated them automatically during the server installs and I’m not sure where to find them?

Not sure if anybody else has encountered this issue before with MySQL database connectivity but I figured I would ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a picture of the mySQL import error in WAMP:

Any help is greatly appreciated.