Wamp instead of Xampp

Hi, I’m trying to learn PHP from the book PHP & mySQL: Novice to Ninja. I installed Xampp successfully & even launched the admin of mySQL. I hibernated my system and after a while switched it back on, but I’ve been unable to access phpmyadmin. It’s kind of frustrating at this early stage, considering the fact that it worked the first time and I did absolutely nothing in the setting or edited no code whatsoever, to break anything.
Anyway, I want to know if it’s possible to follow the book, using WAMP (an alternative I’ve been using for my local web hosting without issues).

Hi Record, welcome to the forums

Yes, as long as you have a localhost server you can work your way through the book.

You could even use a live test site, but FTP-ing files every time they were changed would be a bother.

Alright then, I’ll try that out.

I put my computer in sleep mode all the time with Apache and MySQL running via XAMPP and have no problems. Wouldn’t it be easier to just restart Apache and MySQL in the XAMPP control panel or re-invoke phpMyAdmin again? As far as phpMyAdmin goes, I do not know if it has a security feature of a time-out so if your session extends a period of time without an access you will have to start over. I do know if you go to phpMyAdmin then clear your cookies the security token will be invalid and you will have to go back to the phpMyAdmin start page and start over again.

Not only did I restarted the Apache & mySQL several times, I even restarted the system. The error was about user login, which as at then, was at its default. It worked first-hand & then it suddenly stopped. Well, if using Wamp doesn’t matter for the examples in the book, I’ll prefer to stick to it then.
**They were installed on separate machines.