WAMP and host file


I can’t work out how to map:

So when I browse to the above address, rather than looking at my live site, it looks at my local (c:/wamp/www/mysite.com) Windows/WAMP version.

Any ideas how to get this working with windows/wamp?


First of all, if you haven’t already done so, you need to set up a VirtualHost in Apache.
Then restart Apache.

Second you need to edit the hosts file (an extensionless file called hosts, usually located in %WINDOWS_PATH%\system32\drivers\etc) and put in the following line  mysite.com

Though I would advise against using the real domain locally, because that way you cannot access the live site anymore. It would be better to create something like mysite.local instead of [noparse]mysite.com[/noparse] locally.

So when I browse to the above address,

Can you please update us with the version of browser you are using?

The browser has nothing to do with the question. ScallioXTX is spot-on with that answer. Personally, I just eliminate the tld (domain extension, i.e., .com) for my localhost domains.