W3 Validator Help Please?

Heres my code in index.html file:

<a href="request-a-call-back.html" title="Request a Call Back"> <img src="img/header-footer/request-a-call-back.png" alt="Request a Call Back" title="Request a Call Back" /> </a>
&nbsp; &nbsp;

<a href="make-an-enquiry.html" title="Make an Enquiry"> <img src="img/header-footer/make-an-enquiry.png" alt="Make an Enquiry" title="Make an Enquiry" /> </a>

and heres the image with W3 Validation Errors I cannot solve? :frowning:

I don’t get those error messages using just the code you’ve provided in an HTML5 document. My first guess would be that you have angled quotes or curly quotes in your original code, and not straight quotes as in your sample above. Check that, and if that doesn’t help, then post the HTML for the whole page, so we can see what else is going on.

Off Topic:

It is not necessary to put the same title on both the link and the image, nor to have the same text as alt text and as title for the image. As I understand it, a screen reader will read out the title of the link, the title of the image and the alt text of the image, so in this instance users will hear the same text repeated three times - somewhat irritating, I would think. :slight_smile: There’s a very helpful article about alt text here: http://webaim.org/techniques/alttext/


Thank you for your response I have just figured it out after spending hours looking through it! It was infact a Link Title not closed quite a few lines above!! I had mistyped a ! instead of the "

Sorry was one of them things really REALLY getting to me, but on the other note I am glad I came across this Forum!

Re Titles/Alts - Thanks for that, do you suggest not having a title at all or just choosing different text? Thank you for your help.


It’s hard to judge from what you have there. If the image makes clear where the destination of the link is, then I would probably just use “Request a Call Back” or “Make an Enquiry” as the alt text on the image, and not include titles at all.

This might help: http://reference.sitepoint.com/html/core-attributes/title

If you used something besides basic notepad, the editor would have warned you about that. :slight_smile:

Indeed. My (nearly) idiot-proof editor automatically puts in matched pairs of " whenever you use class, title, href, id, etc. and also produces matched pairs of brackets where required. (You can turn off the option, but frankly, I’m grateful for all the help I can get. :))