W3 validation help

I’m trying to validate my website, it had 16 errors and 1 warning ive got it down to 7 but dunno how to fix the rest any help would be much appreciated [Invalid] Markup Validation of http://londonsparky.com/ - W3C Markup Validator


The first error tells you there is no “role” attribute for the div tag in xhtml 1.0 transitional. What do you need that attribute for?

The second tells you “strong” is not a valid tag in xhtml 1.0. Define the way that text must look like in your style sheet.

The other messages are about mixed up or missing end tags. The latest opened tag must be closed first.

Line 54, Column 57: there is no attribute “role”

role=“” is an ARIA attribute that is very handy but not recognized in HTML as yet. Don’t worry about that.

<Strong><p>SelectEstates Ltd, June 1, 2010</Strong>

Best not to have capitals there on Strong, but anyhow, the strong tags need to be inside the <p>s. (You can’t have an inline element outside a block element.)

Line 144, Column 29: end tag for “img” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified

Because this is XHTML, it’s probably expecting a slash before the closing >. E.g.

<img class="statcounter"
alt="wordpress visitor" [COLOR="Red"]/[/COLOR]>

element “BR” undefined

As above, in XHTML that’s <br />