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So I just learned about this new browser called Vivaldi. It’s a bit new in its stage and I would like to share it with you guys. The website is So far, I like their tabs-resizables where when you resize the tabs, it shows what the current websites look like. So below is a .gif image showing you guys what I’m talking about. I like this idea because sometimes having tabs isn’t just all that great. Sometimes it’s a good idea to know what each tab has in it. So say I have 2 tabs with the same name, but 1 tab is in a different page. If I refresh on say the first tab that has data that I still need to save and they don’t have an auto save option. Well, refreshing that whole page would screw me over. So having a tab-preview option would be nice.

Sorry about the .gif, it’s a bit slow when I was making it. What do you guys think? Has anyone used this browser before? And for those who have, what do you think of it so far?

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I downloaded it back last July when I first saw @felgall mention it in a topic here.

I like it fine, though I use it mostly only for cross-browser testing.

I still haven’t explored every nook and cranny of it yet. And it has been getting actively developed since I first installed it so there are yet even more features for me to explore.

TBH, as used to I am with using Firefox for the longest time. now that it gives me a hard time about running my personal userscripts on my browser (I should know whether or not I trust my own scripts that I wrote myself !!! ) I’ve been thinking it’s time to move on and Vivaldi is a leading contender. .


I see. I haven’t actually been active as of late so I didn’t see the topic @felgall has posted. At the moment, I don’t know what’s new and what isn’t since I didn’t get a chance to download it when it was still fresh. It’s starting to get a little more attention so I thought I would mention about it. I haven’t used it for testing yet, but I sure will soon.

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Well it did actually get to version 1 a few weeks ago. I have been using it for quite a long time now. It became my main browser as soon as they got the rewind button working properly even though that was only about the second or third preview release (long before even the first beta). I did check out the first preview but it didn’t have enough functionality yet for me to swap from Opera 12.

There are constant updates (at least one a week) and the current version is 1.1 (plus some patches).

It is the browser that Opera should have built as a replacement for Opera 12 - it basically has most of the functionality that Opera 12 offered that made it different from the other browsers but runs on webkit and so can share all the Chrome extensions.


I have it installed and updated on my work machine, but I rarely open it (mostly to check a layout from time to time). I’m still tied to Chrome as it makes easy to keep things together between my machines and my Android tablet. I guess it’s just inertia and familiarity that keeps me from switching to something else.

I’ve been using Vivaldi as my main browser for a few days now.

I was looking for the equivalents of Opera’s user CSS and user JavaScript

A bit disappointingly, it seems Vivaldi has gone the “addon” approach instead of having these be “out of the box” like Opera did.

I did find the Stylish extension and IMHO it works great for user defined CSS.

For custom user JavaScript it looks like I’ll need to write an extension à la Chrome.

tampermonkey.extension (same as for Chrome)

You need to remember that Vivaldi is running on webkit the same as Chrome and recent Opera and not on Presto the way old Opera did.

Basically it is Chrome with many of the features of old Opera added (the way new Opera should have been done but wasn’t).

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Wow, Internet Explorer must now be the 13th best browser. :wink:

I ditched IE for Firefox long ago, then eventually began using Chrome. A little leery of the growing Google quasi-monopoly, I finally decided to take a new look at Opera and downloaded Opera Developer just a few days ago. I like it.

Then, I saw this thread and decided to give Vivaldi a try. I like it, too. The browser wars are a lot more fun when there’s more than two opponents, eh?

Well IE is better than Firefox but not as good as Edge, Opera, Chrome or Vivaldi etc.

That IE isn’t the best doesn’t matter much any more though. Microsoft have dropped support for all versions except 11 (which is actually a good version) and will be dropping support for IE completely within a couple more years.

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Holy cow, I’m really out of the loop. I’m not even familiar with Edge; I’ll have to check out that one, too. Thanks for the tip.

Edit: Yikes, I just discovered Edge is the sequel to IE. Nevermind. :wink:

It is a brand new browser though - not just IE renamed. Just the same as Firefox taking over from Netscape.

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