Visual Composer Background Video Issue - Mobile

Hello folks, having some issues with a site I am working on:

On the home page the background video does not display on mobile devices, and I am happy with this.

However, I need to turn that area off completely so that the main page content starts on the section ‘solving problems across’…

Whenever I target the section area and put in a media query for small screens, it doesn’t seem to pick up.
I can turn the button, event details etc off in visual composer but the video is set as a background element and I can’t seem to target this despite trying media queries and inspecting the area.

If i can target the containing element that’s holding the video in the BG and turn it off for small screens that should work, but I must be doing somethign wrong?

I inspected the area in chrome and lifted all the generated CSS classes, copied them and put in a media query for small screens with diaplay:none but no luck.

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong?

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