Visiting Google from other country ip

When I search google, it shows result according to my country. Is there any way that I could change ip or something and see the results depending on any other country?

When you visit Google, do you go to If so, you should see pages from the whole world, but with a definite bias towards those from Pakistan. (If you only want see pages relevant to Pakistan, click “Pages from Pakistan” in the left-hand panel of the results page.)

However, if you go to, you should see pages from the web as a whole. There might still be a small bias towards Pakistani sites, but not so much as in

If you want to see sites from a specific country, go to, do the search, then click “More search tools” in the left-hand panel, then click “Custom Location”, then enter the name of a country or city.


Yes there’s a “change location” tab on the page. It works!

Are you trying to say to check Just type and you will redirected easily to and there you go you can check the result on google USA. There’s a lot of other country codes here: if you want to check other Google countries.

there is no need to think a lot for getting the results in different country view. You can make that by just simply change the location feature of the Google Search!

When I search certain keyword, some site that rank 1st on, rank 5th on .com. If I want google to consider that I’m from Malaysia and show me pages from google malaysia, how do I do this?

Sorry, I saw you were in Karachi, and I assumed that meant you were from Pakistan.

To see results from Malaysia, you should go to Then run your search, and click on “Pages from Malaysia” in the left-hand panel.

You will still see a few results from other locales, but these will be flagged with the name of the country. Most of the results will be from Malaysia.