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Hi guys
can some one please recommend me a free virus checker for windows if possible otherwise if this can not be done what is a good one to purchase any help will be much appreciated im a little new to the computer world cheers thank you kind regards Nick

I used Avast for Windows, the free version and liked how it was unobtrusive yet very powerful.

Try Searching for “free antivirus reviews” and take your pick.

Afterwards let us know your choice and reasons for your selection.

Hi John
I choose Avast for windows it seems to have lots of good feedback from the amount of downloads per customer requests, I also ran it and was happy with the way it performed it was simple to use and easy to understand I thank you very much for your help and efforts kind regards Nick

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Oh, I’m also using Avast. It’s just great!


Follow what?

the Avira AntiVire classic is a very good free anti virus. I have used it. Its detection rates are superior to AVG and Avast, plus it uses less system resources.
You can give it a try.

My personal opinion is that this software works great. I have not experienced a single issue since installing Comodo Free Antivirus, and above all, my pc has been able to remove malicious files from the system and stop online threats before they happen.

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