Virtual Pagination with Spry Accordion Menu page flips


I’m developing a small website for a law firm and they have a lot of content that they need displayed. Since the content is small paragraphs in different categories, I decided to use Virtual Pagination and Spry Accordion Menu to display it.

I used the DD Virtual Pagination script ( and the Dreamweaver Spry Accordion menu.

I’ve managed to get it working to a point where I can open tabs via url on the same page but when it comes to opening tabs on a different virtual page, I’m beyond confused on how that would work. If I manually go to the virtual page and select the link I want to open, it works perfectly fine. I searched online and a lot of the information was how to open tabs on other pages by passing url strings but nothing was mentioned if the pages were virtual.

What I’m looking to do is to automatically switch to the relevant virtual page when a link is clicked which has content on the second virtual page. There will be more pages but if its possible and once I understand how to do it, I’m sure I can replicate it for the other pages as well. Is there a possible way to do this from within the Virtual Pagination script or a URL string?

The website is currently hosted here

I would appreciate any help I can get.