Vim color scheme


My vim default color scheme has changed on my update of vim to some awful colors - light purple for strings instead of a deep red etc

I tried finding original color scheme on my home laptop but it just came up with E12 which I think means that is is just set to default.

The goal is to find the color scheme of my current vim and bring it back to my server.

Any suggestions?


Sorry, I never worried about the color scheme beause I always used the default one. There’s a vim file that keeps the color scheme in a .vimrc file in the home folder. I assume that this file was overwritten with the update.
But maybe you can configure the colors again, and make a copy of this file for the future. If it ever happens again, you will have a copy that you can use.

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You can install new color schemes or even create your own.

But if you’ve never done this, chances are your old color scheme is still included as an available one. You can type


then press space, then press TAB to show a list of installed schemes. Try them each.

One other reason I can think of for your scheme changing during an upgrade is maybe your vim now supports true color (24 bit color) and it didn’t before.

At any rate there’s a lot of flexibility in color schemes.

You can browse some at sites like


And then follow the links to install them

Thanks I have been playing with these

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