Views about paul octopus, the predictor in FIFA

This is Jagrit. I want everybody to share his views about paul octopus, The predictor. Paul came into existance in Euro 2008 and got fame in fifa 2010 for his predictions. I need more itresting observations from everyone…

well, Can Anybody name one more predictor, But did not get any fame through media like paul octopus?

paul the octopus… mmm, tasted like chicken

Dummheit hoch 10

I like Besalu2008 humour and I will quote it.

He said

“The famous octopus, Paul, has retired from predicting football matches, he has pulled a mussel”

[FONT=“Georgia”]Where is “zero” in your poll ?

Germany didn’t lose because of an octopus. Neither did they win because of an octopus.

I really wish people’d get over that. I’m sick of hearing about it.