View total quantity summer from checkbox selsected items in php & mysql

Dear All

I have a table with style no, order qty etc.

I can retrieve data from mysql to a html page with checkbox (id) field.

Now I want to select two or more row with checkbox & want to get a new page with selected row’s total quantity.

Is it possible to do in php? If possible kindly help, how to do?


Yes it is possible, but to be able to help tell you how we will need to see your code.

Agree…show us your code

here is my code…some field remove to make it small.

<?php include("password_protect.php"); ?>


<title>View orders details</title>



<form name="form1" action="checkboxqty.php" method="post">
<table id="tblSearch" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="width:3000px;">

<tr style="font-weight:bold;" bgcolor="#817679">
<td>Style No</td>
<td>Days To Go</td>

<td>Buying House</td>
<td>Department For</td>

<td>Shipment Date<br/><font style="color: #666666; font-size: 50%;">YYY-MM-DD</font></td>
<td>Ship Mood</td>

<td>Fabrics Booking Ref</td>
$buyh = $_POST['buyh'];
$ship_status = $_POST['ship_status'];
$c = substr("$ship_status", -1);
$query="SELECT * FROM tbl_order, tbl_buyr, tbl_fact1, tbl_ord2
WHERE buyh ='$buyh'
AND tbl_order_id=buyr_tbl_order_id
AND tbl_order_id=fact1_tbl_order_id
AND tbl_order_id=order2_tbl_order_id
AND ship_status = '$c' ORDER BY shipmentdate, buyh, buyr, artstyl_no ASC";




while ($i < $num) {
$f3=date("j-M-y", $fdate);

//$f4= date("Y-m-d");
$f4= date("F j, Y");






$f400g= date("Y-m-d");



$f5e = substr("$result13", 0, 4);

$color_one = '#ffffff';
$color_two = '#ccffff';
$color = (is_int($i / 2)) ? $color_one : $color_two;


<tr bgcolor="<?=$color?>" onmouseover="'#00ccff';" onmouseout="'';" onClick="HighLightTR(this,'#c9244a','cc3333');">

<td><input name="id[<?php echo $rows['tbl_order_id']; ?>]" type="checkbox"  value="<?php echo $rows['tbl_order_id']; ?>"></td>

<td style="background-color:#FFF;">
<span class="class3">
<a href="ddupdateano.php?tbl_order_id=<?php echo $f47; ?>" target="_blank"><?php echo $f7; ?></a>
if($f5>60) {
    // Display RED
<td valign="middle" style="background-color:#0F0;"><?php echo $f5; ?></td>
} elseif($f5>30 && $f5<61) {
    // Display YELLOW
<td valign="middle" style="background-color:#FF0;"><?php echo $f5; ?></td>
} elseif($f5<0) {
    // Display YELLOW
<td valign="middle" style="background-color:#0FF;"><?php echo "Expire"; ?><sup><span class="preppy4"><?php echo $f5e; ?></span></sup></td>
}else {
<td valign="middle" style="background-color:#F00;"><?php echo $f5; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f6; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f1; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f99; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f12; ?></td>

<td><?php echo $f3; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f216; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f6; ?> <?php echo $f15; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $f10; ?></td>


<tr style="font-weight:bold;" bgcolor="#817679">
<td colspan="35"></td>

                <td colspan="16" align="center">
                <input name="delete" type="submit"  value="Submit">



Please help me to create checkboxqty.php to get the selected rows total quantity from DB.

can anyone help me plz?

here is my code…some field remove to make it small.

Its good you did that, but all that code you posted still does not encapsulate the problem you are trying to solve - and your question is too ambiguous for me.

You have to do what we all end up doing.

You make a mini database table that only contains the bare minimum of data.

You make a mini script to query it.

You dont bother with logins, or alternative colored backgrounds in html.

Your html should not be aligned, or in tables, or have any JS at this stage.

You pare it down to the minimum, sql, PHP and html.

Then you experiment until either you sort the problem out, or you can post that minimum code on here along with here a) what you have and b) what you want to end up with.

I appreciate that you have already reduced it, but posting PHP/SQL code hidden away in reams of html just turns everyone off, and nobody will bother answering your question (even when you send them PMs ;)) it gives the impression you have put little or no effort into this yourself.

I am trying not to sound negative, but to honestly help you devise a winning strategy for tapping into the goodwill in the community to help you in your future programming life.

Reading the classic how to ask questions the smart way should give you a good heads up, because by going through the process of checking if you are asking a “smart question” often leads to you finding the solution.

Thanks for your suggestion, it would be helpful, if you would try to show the solution of my problem.

I am getting data from my order table in a html form, with its id under checkbox, now i want to select some id by checkbox & want to get the total quantity from the mysql table in a new html form/page. I hope, i am able to make u understand my problem now.