Videobox breaking Nivo Slider


I have a site with an image slider on homepage, but when I try to incorporate videobox on the homepage, one or the other break.

That is if I set it up so that the slider works, the videobox will not work.

If I set it up so that the videobox works, the slider will not work.

I think there is major interference with scripts?

I cannot put the links to css/jss files below the script for the slider. If I do the slider breaks.

If I put the js/css link above the script for the slider, the slider works.

Here is a link to the page:


Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the interference/clash? js is way over my head.

Hi Ralph,

Version with Videobox working: If you click on the poster titled “VIDEO PROMO FOR JUDGEMENT DAY” you’ll see it works when the script for nivo is removed.
Videobox working

I’ve removed the nivo slider links to js/css and the nivo slider script from the head so that the videobox works.

Version with Nivo Slider working:
Nivo Slider working

Check the header in view source to see difference in set up.

I quickly tried to implement the suggested fix, but either I have done it incorrectly or it is not working. I’ll have to try again later with a clearer head.

Where is the video box meant to be? I’m not sure what I should be looking for.

I was googling stuff like “videobox breaks nivo slider” and not really getting anywhere before posting.

Thanks for the tips.

Ah yes, using Mootools with jQuery. That commonly causes conflicts, but there are simple fixes for this. Check out these two links and see if they help: