Video site license

In China,for video sites you must get a license from the Government,or your sites will be shut down.I love video sites,but for personal it’s very hard to get a license from the Government.If I start a video site in China,will my site be shut down?of course I’ll use hosting out of China.
What do you think of Chinese Government’s action?Is it a good idea?

If there are no links between you and that web site I think you have nothing to worry about. If I were you I would work with the partners overseas.
In any case I think your web site will not be closed

don’t know whether I express myself clearly.I’m not worry about my game site,I worry about the video site I started.If I started an video site,when it get bigger,then banned by China,that would be a great loss to me.


DON’T use a .cn domain name. Then they have no right to close it down - except for within China, of course.



If you have server in the United states they won’t close that. The only think they can do is block the site from China.

What do you think of Chinese Government’s action?Is it a good idea?

That is not good idea. But if that is the part of your business you need to follow all instructions they claim.

You needn’t worry if theres no sexy nor nowadaynews on ur website

I came across this site:
I also want to start a site like it.Where is this site hosted?worldnic or theplanet?Why can he get a hosting account from the hosting company?When I contact some hosting companies said that I don’t have copyrights of the movies,they refused to give me a hosting account.I don’t think he had got copyrights of the movies.Should I just buy a hosting from a company and then start my site?
BTW,if he use flash as the player and it can be played full-screen,that would be better