Video Animation?

Hello all,
I want to start producing video animations to music to use on Youtube and Vimeo.
The way I used to do it would be to export from Flash. What is the best way these days?
I want to use cartoon characters to song.

If you are using YouTube, as far as I understand you can pretty much create the video in any format you like (or any format that YouTube recognises) and it will convert it to a range of formats that will make it viewable on the various devices. I assume Vimeo does the same (though I haven’t viewed Vimeo vids on the iPhone, so not sure how it behaves. Must try it.)

Thank you for your response.

I were recently uploading a few videos on YouTube and tried to create the vids through Windows Movie Maker. Very disappointing software as it’s too slow and you do not have that many functions to tweak. So I tried a free software called Freemake Video Converter. It’s simply great and fast too. Try it out!