Very simple affiliate/link tracking script

Hi all,

I am going to have a look in Google, however is anyone aware of script that allows us to create ‘tracking urls’ for clients websites? The script must have an admin section for the client to be able to browse statistics including:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • And anything else in a funky format

Many thanks for any advice.

Cheers also comes to mind

Anyone else have any ideas on this?


This seems to be geared towards PPC - I’ve found this that may do the trick

Suggestions for alternatives would be great.


Yes I had a look at this, though it seems quite complex - All I require is the ability for an admin to create accounts, and for users to login to view their stats.

If you’re looking for powerful and fairly easy to use…

Just make your own tracking code as per as your requirements. Several experienced developers are standing at the row. Side by side the custom code will also be fit to your existing website.