Vertically align text in table

Hi, I am redoing a friend’s website that uses tables. I haven’t really got time to redo the site using divs.

I have some text in a cell of a table starting “Bespoke Performances and Workshops…” that always aligns vertically to the middle of the cell it is in. See example 1 here. The only way I seem to be able to get round this is by inserting loads of line breaks after the text. [url=“”]See example 2 here.

Is there anyway I can resolve this problem in a more conventional way?

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Thanks. That worked great except (obviously) it moved the text in another cell that looked good in the middle to the top. How would I use CSS to create a class for a cell to align it vertically to the middle? I tried

.alternate {vertical-align:middle;}

but it didn’t work.

Many, many thanks,


That should do the trick - can you give us a link to the page where it isn’t working?

your example 1 is not working. can you put image or something else that we understand you better

put vertical-align:top on the tr style sheet.