Vertical lines to be shown

I have 2 tables at

The 1st table has 5 horizontal cells.

The 2nd table has 50 horizontal cells.

I can’t see the line which are between each cell in the 2nd table while I can see the line in the 1st table.

How can I make the line to be shown in the 2nd table?

(Horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of the browser is okay.)

The reason you are not seeing the black line is because although you have specified a width of 1px the size of the cell has been reduced to 0px. I know that table cells ignore the width and expand if they contain content that cannot be wrapped. It probably tried to readjust the cell widths to try and get it within the screen’s viewport.

Might an alternative approach be to put a border-right or border-left style with a value of 1px solid black.

Yes, do it with CSS

td {border-left: 1px solid black;}
tr {border-right: 1px solid black;}

Thank you.