Versioning #172

Hey everyone,

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Fire Starter

General web

Prometheus [github/prometheus] is a monitoring system and time series database, built in Go.

Flux Comparison by Example [github/voronianski] is a collection of examples of different implementations of Flux (JavaScript).

Here’s a look at unit testing Node HTTP requests [codeutopia].

localhost Arts [blog.localhostarts] is worth bookmarking, offering a collection of art created using HTML, CSS and JS.

There are a lot of different Chromium-based browsers, which is maybe not a great thing? [quirksmode]

Laravel 5 has been released! [laravel].

Well Fed


include-media [include-media] is an easy way to write simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass.

Here’s how Feedly went about thinking through redesigning their Android app in line with Google’s Material Design language [medium/abrodo].

And here’s how Twitter designed its widely-praised new Video interface [paulstamatiou].

The Mix Up


First up on SitePoint today, here are the big web design trends for 2015 .

Then we took a look at the best Markdown editors for Windows .

Here’s a guide for using the MixItUp jQuery Plugin for animated filtering and sorting .

And here’s our new course! Build your first website ! Go on, do it!

In Neutral


Looks like net neutrality might have won the good fight, with news the FCC wants to reclassify the internet as a utility [theverge]. Utility, eh? There are a few million cat videos that beg to differ.

Meanwhile, Ross Ulbricht was convicted of running the Silk Road [motherboard.vice] so will now spend a billion years in prison, or whatever.

Twitter’s CEO is taking personal responsibility for cyberbullying that goes on on his turf [theverge]. Speaking of Twitter, Backchannel went long on how the social network started nailing the whole “making money” part of the business [medium/backchannel].

Here’s how Medium is becoming a company without managers [firstround].

Wild Cards


Karmaswipe [karmaswipe] is like Tinder, except for Reddit, and not in a weird, gross, way (thanks @katja_bak!)

eero [eero] is a way to create your own wifi mesh and make your connectivity easier.

Free Summarizer [freesummarizer] can summarize anything, for free, so we’re a little nervous here in Versioning HQ.

Promoted tweets are kinda strange. Here’s all the ways they can be used for evil, or at least weirdness [medium/message].

Scientists have built a 2D transistor out of silicon [arstechnica]. No big deal.

These are the paradoxes that keep cosmologists up at night [medium/the-physics-arxiv-blog].

Here’s a great, two-part primer on AI and superintelligence, part 1 , part 2 [waitbutwhy].

Cards Against Humanity bought a private island and gave parts of it away [cah.tumblr] and it was glorious.

Finally, here’s a livestream of the last McDonald’s hamburger in Iceland [theverge]. Still looks pretty good.

That’s it for us for today, for some reason we feel like burgers — you? See you tomorrow!

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