Verified badge complications

Which one do you guys like more? Left or right?

Left uses glyphicon’s round circle checkmark that is a default in bootstrap. Right uses an image background within a div.

I can’t really decide because they both seem pretty good for me. However, if I choose right, I’ll actually have to make all different sizes for the badge because it’s an image and not a font.

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Left looks a lot better to me. :slight_smile:

Isn’t the left one for the Site Administrator (button checked) and the right one for everyone else (button not checked but with a tiny mark there just so you know what it is)?

Thanks, I’ll finalize my decision once I get more feedback.

No, both are verified badges. Just that the right one has a white center instead of having the check mark transparent.

I meant that the right one looks like it isn’t actually checked. I realise that it is supposed to be but it just doesn’t look like it sitting next to the left one where it is far more obvious.

My eyesight isn’t the best (unless I squint - I need a new prescription) but I first took it to be a clock face at 10:10

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Ah, I see what you are saying. I guess you could say that because I do see that as well. Usually checked options are color filled, but I guess the right one is a bit of a far reach.

lol, I can see why you said that. It does look like 10:10. Illuminati confirmed. lol

Ok so I decided to go with the image verified badge. I like the glyphicon one too, but I’m not sure about their license. I remember reading some where on their website that you cannot sell or re-distribute their icons for any purposes. So I don’t want a legal matter on my hands.

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