Vbulletin Seo

I have installed vbulletin but i dont like the URL structure. I want my threads to be like abc.com/thread-name.html . There is a plugin available for this which is called VBSEO but it is expensive and i donot like it. If any body can guide me what to do ?


Okay, what do you really want to do?

I’ve discussed this situation in many threads and, to some degree, in my signature’s tutorial. Basically, if you’re using a “canned program,” you’re stuck with it unless you’re good enough as a coder to:

  1. Generate the links as you’re like to see them

  2. Accept the altered links and convert them to what the “canned program” can deal with (to provide the desired content).

The downside for me is finding the correct module to modify!

Okay, I’ve hand-written a CMS for http://wilderness-wally.com/. Go look at each one of the links in the TOC (left side of every page). This is a client-maintained website which Mr Wilderness updates and the links are the Titles for every one of the ever growing articles he has online. The limitations on the characters allowed in a URI (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt) are the only limits on his titles and I use mod_rewrite to “decode” the link to be sent to the handler script.

While that doesn’t solve your immediate problem, if you can’t get into the VB code to find the link creation module AND the “convert the request to SQL” module AND recode both to suit your needs, you’re stuck paying for the plugin.