VBulletin API

Hey guys I was thinking of implementing vBulletin in my website.
Is there anything like API to modify or replying thread.
I have gone through vBulletin website, I could not find anything there.

Why would you need an API to do that?

API’s are (generally) for external access, not internal processes.

Yes i want to host it on one server and want to access it from other one.

I’m gonna go ahead and say ‘why?’ again.

And i’m fairly sure the answer to your question is ‘no, there is no such API, because that would be a security hole the size of a small chevy.’

If you have a forum on one host (A) and want to serve it on another host (B) you’re probably better off creating a Reverse Proxy from B to A then trying to solve it with an API (in which case you might as well write your own forum because implementing one from another host through an API is about as much work as writing a forum from scratch).

I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect SitePoint does this as well.

I just want to ask does vBulletin supports API for moderating posts.

Its a requirement to host it on one server and use it from other one.
SO if vBulletin is not serving API, I can go for another provider.

Any reason you don’t want to use a reverse proxy?