Variable name which has the smallest value among 3 numeric variables

I have 3 numeric variables. I like to find which one is the smallest one.

I made the code below for finding the variable name which has the smallest value.

[code]if($number1 < $number2 ) {

$smaller=$number1; $smallerName=‘number1’;

} else { $smaller=$number2; $smallerName=‘number2’;}

if($number3 < $smaller) {

echo $smallerName;[/code]The code above works fine. but I think more simple code there in the outside.
Do you have any?

do you really need the name of the variable? this may cause messy code (e.g. variable variables)

$min = min($num1, $num2, $num3);

Stick them in an array and use the index number instead of worrying about the name?

you can make use of arrays to declare the variables

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