Values in JS array with line breaks from database

I have an array in js that is generated by values from database. My problem is that some values in database have line breaks, so my array in console look like this:

let arr=[{
ipsum dolor

(And it isn’t working because it isn’t at the same line)
At the same time in source:

let arr=[{
"Lorem \n ipsum dolor \n amet"

How can I display it in html keeping the line breaks?
I mean I want display in html with line breaks:
ipsum dolor

Is this what you are loking for?

Though do consider the semantics of the <br> element.
I do sometimes use a custom nl2p function to make paragraphs from line breaks.

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I know about it but it isn’t working because array look like:

let arr=[{
"Lorem <br />
ipsum dolor <br />

For it work, it must be in the same line.

Check the User notes on that page.
It does not replace the line break, but insetrs <br> before it. You can use str_replace instead.

PHP interprets variables in strings when enclosed in double quotation marks. It also interprets control characters that are enclosed in double quotation marks.

Can you make them single quotation marks? escape the escape?

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I am using str_replace, so array in source look like this:

let arr=[{
"Lorem \n ipsum dolor \n amet"

But in console it isn’t at the same line :frowning:

It still don’t work

That’s not valid syntax; you’re using "Lorem \n ipsum dolor \n amet" as the key for an object literal here, but missing the value assignment. Did you mean something like this?

let arr=[
  "Lorem \n ipsum dolor \n amet",
  // ...

BTW if you want to include the string as-is you might use the template syntax (using backticks instead of quotes):

let arr=[
ipsum dolor
  // ...

(This syntax is not supported in IE though.)

PS: As you see, generating JS dynamically can get messy pretty quickly. The canonical way would be to just encode the data as JSON, e.g. using PHP:


$values = ["foo", "bar"];
echo "<script>let arr=" . json_encode($values) . "</script>";

This way you don’t have to worry about line breaks, quotes escaping etc.


Okay I think it’s enough to cope with it for me :slight_smile:
My array in real looks like this, but I change it for ease:
let arr=[{".."}, {".."}];
But it doesn’t matter.
Thank you very much for help.

Right, let’s throw away the idea of the array for the moment, because you’ll have this problem with a single entry, let alone an array.

You have a string. That string contains line breaks. You’re trying to put the string into an object.

Let’s assume for the moment that you are sanely creating an object.

{ "title":"Gone with the

obviously doesnt work.

1: replace the line breaks with a non-breaking character.
2: replace the line breaks with an HTML line break.
3: replace the line breaks with an escaped break.


$string =  "My string
has line breaks
PHP Doesnt Care.";

echo "{\"title\":\"".str_replace("\n","_",$string)."\"}";
// Returns: {"title": "My string_has line breaks_PHP Doesnt Care."}
echo "{\"title\":\"".str_replace("\n","<br>",$string)."\"}";
// Returns: {"title": "My string<br>has line breaks<br>PHP Doesnt Care."}
echo "{\"title\":\"".str_replace("\n","\\n",$string)."\"}";
// Returns: {"title": "My string\nhas line breaks\nPHP Doesnt Care."}

As m3g4 mentions however, json_encoding the data array will be the quicker, easier method. (I believe json_encode goes with option 3 in this case?)

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