Validation help needed

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me implement this with jquery.validate.js:

–>There are three textboxes for Date of Birth. A date of birth is considered as valid if
a) there are 2 digits, for day and month and 4 digits for year.
b) month digits are from 01 to 12
c) day digits are from 01 to 31 and compliant with month and year (meaning to February 29th on 2011, and no April 31st any year)
–> invalid date or lack of entry for a field, the field should be in red, and the following message should appear:
a) Message if unfilled birth date
b) Message if invalid date:
“Please verify the accuracy of the date of birth of the traveler [number of the passenger with invalid birth date]. For example a birth February 29, 2012: February 29, 2012”.

Ignore the styling portion, just validation help would be really great.


With jquery validate, dates are validated when the full date is in a single field.

jQuery provides a standardised date picker, for when you want to provide the user with an easier way to provide a date.