Validation error due to php include

hey folks,
i am running validation on my web app. everything is good expect for one problem. i m using header and footer as a php include file. some of the body div are ending in footer include. which when validated give error saying there is no ending div. besides that no coding error. everything is great. should i be concerned about people who might have IE 6? or any other concerns?

There’s obviously a problem with your include, so it would be good to fix it.

If I understand you correctly, the validator you are using is literally seeing <?php include ‘…’; ?> instead of the html that file includes.

Try opening the file in your browser so the server includes the relevant HTML. View Source then copy and paste it into the validator here:

If you are still getting errors, you know there is something wrong within your includes or main page. Otherwise you’re good to go!

Well if you don’t care about IE6 then don’t support it :).

However if you keep that invalid HTML then it is sure to break in other brorwsers very easily if you play around with it any :wink:

If the page has been parsed via PHP/Server and you get that error obviously you’ve done the PHP-includes wrong and it may affect layout, etc. Else if you mean the raw HTML with the naked unparsed PHP commands then obviously there is more chance you’ll see a warning.

Though obviously the visitor will only see the “parsed pages” anyway - not the separate include files.