Utf16_general_ci and utf32_general_ci

After using MySQL server version 5.1.41. for several years,
I have installed XAMPP some days ago.
MySQL version of the XAMPP is like the following.

When I make a new database, I used to choose utf8_general_ci at phpMyAdmin page.
Now in the XAMP, it has two choices, i.e. utf16_general_ci and utf32_general_ci.
I know ci means case insensitive.
But I don’t know the difference between utf16 and utf32…
Which one is proper for making a new database in the XAMPP?
(my computer which is installed XAMPP is windows 10, 64bit)

difference between utf16 and utf32

I did googling before posting this, but I couldn’t understand and decide which one I should choose.
Thanks to you for the link, anyway, because I read about it one more time and get more understanding although I don’t fully understand it yet.

And I decide to choose utf32_general_ci for my new database.
Thank you again, r937, as always…

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