Using strip tags to take <p> tags out

I’m using the code below to strip html tags out of a string from the database, and I’m sure it looks pretty close to me, but for some reason the html continues to show.

$d=mysql_query("select Id_Hot, Nom_Hot, LongDesc_Hot FROM tbl_hotels WHERE Id_Hot=".$hotelID." ");
$group = strip_tags($f['LongDesc_Hot'], '<p>');

This is the output:

<p>The all-inclusive Barceló Tambor Beach, a five-star resort located on Playa Tambor - Puntarenas , is a jewel on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The volcanic sands and gentle swell of the sea, reflecting the brilliant blue sky, make this a perfect place for sunbathing, water sports, or simply strolling along the 6km beach.</p>

<p>Awarded a Blue Flag, for safe clean beaches, the all-inclusive Barceló resort Tambor Beach provides families and couples with a place to play in the sun, take a dip in the calm turquoise waters, or experience a romantic sunset.</p>


<p>Families will love our children’s miniclub, where our professional staff entertains your children with thrilling activities and arts and crafts while you fulfil your sense of adventure. The all-inclusive Barceló Tambor Beach is the perfect backdrop for a romantic tropical getaway or your dream destination wedding. Pamper yourself with a couple’s massage while listening to the soothing sound of the gentle waves washing up on the shore. Celebrate with the one you love at the all-inclusive Barceló Tambor Beach hotel! With an endless range of exotic fauna and flora, discover the grandeur of nature in this fascinating region at the ecological park at all-inclusive Barceló Tambor Beach, Cabo Blanco National Park, or in the nearby Curu Wildlife Reserve.</p>

I need to trim them out as I’m using part of it in the meta description

just use like this

$group = strip_tags($f['LongDesc_Hot']);

you were allowing “<p>” tag

tut, thank you pbsonawane.