Using PHP to connect to simple MS Access database?


I was just wondering how I would go about connect to an MS access database (a simple table with data on it) using php? I’m new to databases and trying to see if I can connect to one using php. After searching google, I only seem to come up with clear results on how to connect to a MySQL database, but never an MS access?

If anyone could help me figure out how to connect to an MS access database using php, I’d be grateful. Any database name example could be used.



This should help: PHP Database ODBC

Better would be PDO, using the ODBC drivers, since when you change your database you won’t have to rewrite your code.

Be warned that Access has several inbuilt limitations that make it poorly suited to serving web pages. It is possible to do, and I’ve done it when that was required, but every single time I did the client came back a few months later needing the site moved over to MSSQL or MySQL.

Ye, I have heard that, however I started access only because I found the tables a little easier to create, for whatever reason I’m doing MySQL wrong or it’s just simply harder to do ;/


I’d strongly advise against getting used to using access for table building. Try phpMyAdmin for a GUI wrapper of MySQL, and there are other GUI wrapper solutions for it as well.

I would highly recommend spending a little time figuring out MySQL if you’re only using MS Access because its ‘easier’. Maybe start here: PHP MySQL Introduction