Using own infrastructure to host website

If I have registered website & decided not to go with the service provided by traditional hosting company.
I am deciding to come up with my own infrastructure, probably as simple as 4 CPUs max, in my spare bedroom where I could host the service & let the site running.

How could I achieve this, specifically with the question of website address being mapped to showcase the webcontents from the cluster of 4 CPUs in my house ?

If you do not have a business account for internet connection, the subscriber agreement usually states that you are not allowed to host servers with residential accounts.

These days hosting is so cheap, that it’s often less expensive to let a hosting provider take the risk for the equipment, uptime, security, updates/upgrades, and software management issues.

Also, what happens if the power goes out, your internet connection goes out, or a hard drive fails? Hosting providers have backups and alternatives ready to go at a moment’s notice.

What Force Flow said. Given the time and trouble it takes to maintain a Web server properly, there is no reason not to go with a good Web hosting service.

Ditto … but consider the requirement for you to monitor 24/7/365. Hardware problems are one thing but I doubt you have the expertise to monitor and respond to hacker attacks around the clock. To me, that’s the most serious issue.

Besides, you just can’t afford all the server management software that host provide with their account.



Not to mention it will cost you more in power to host this than a few dollars a month for a real hosting account.

A suitable synchronous internet connection will cost more per month than it would to have your site hosted elsewhere. On top of that is the cost of the power supply to keep the server running when the power goes off (even a simple UPS will cost several hundred). Then there’s the cost of the staff to monitor the server to make sure it is brought up again as soon as possible if it goes down. Final cost will be perhaps several hundred times that of using co-location where you place your server in someone else’s data centre and pay them to look after it for you.

In such situation you can use dedicated server, and also become resale web space so you will be to earn some money for you.