Using multiple tfoot tags.. is it possible?


While trying to make a product catalog, with 3 columns and 3 rows…

I faced myself with this problem…

How could I add a footer for each cell of each row?

Is it possible to use tfoot more than once?

If no, the workaround is to use css, right?

You can use multiple tfoot elements, but they will all appear at the bottom of the table, you can’t move them to anywhere else in the table. If you’re wanting to include a footer section within each cell, then first of all I would question whether a table is suitable in the first place - if it is, you would need to put the footer -type contents into a para or div and style that.

The tfoot goes at the bottom of the table on the screen and at the bottom of each page where the table appears when printed. If you want something with different placement to that then you can’t use a tfoot.

The tfoot must be defined before the tbody because when the page is printed the tfoot information will be needed at the bottom of each page the table is on which if the table starts close enough to the bottom of the page could even be before the first row of actual content.