Using Minify and gzip

I am considering implementing minfy and gzip to reduce page load times on the 12+ sites I have built.My page load speeds, as reported by Google Page Speed, are all in the hi 70’s. All the sites are responsive and most are using HTML5/CSS3.

It looks like it’s kind of time consuming to do. I’m especially concer3nd about doing updates and etc and having a big time increase to un-minify, make the changes, then re-minify.

I’m seeking input from those who use these minify and gzip type things. Is it a hassle to go back and forth when needing to edit or update? Do you have a workflow that helps with that? Basically is it worth the effort and should I be implement it?

I know my question is broad brush, just hoping for soem input or advice from anyone with experience using these things. TIA!

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