Using jscript variables to change the pic and font and few other things

There a website that a client of mine likes only for one reason and thats the build a house sign application in the middle of the page which is in Flash.

building it in flash is not an option anymore, but a part of it is jscript run in that you choose a value from the various forms there to change the look of the house sign, as below:

What Im trying to see is if there is a way of doing this, as it wont be using system fonts, so that a person can come along and build their sign using the forms with the options supplied.


I guess there no way other than using Flash to create the build your own sign area.

Changing the font wouldnt be such a problem if it where not for non-system fonts, but have spent time looking and wondering and without Flash it seems a bit of a problem.

I darent tell him to do it in Flash as have told him in the past about it not working on tablets and all, which is a damn shame really.