Using jCarousel Lite twice on the same page

Hi everyone,

I’m using jCarousel Lite on my site for a best sellers rotator and a logo rotator.

jCarousel Lite – A jQuery plugin | Ganesh

After a lot of trial and error, it seems to work great, except for one thing.

If javascript is turned off, the carousels don’t load correctly and the home page gets messed up. But in the demo page for jCarousel Lite, turning off javascript isn’t a problem as long as only one instance of it is used in a page.

Is there a way I can put 2 carousels on the same page and have them deprecate (if I’m using that word correctly here?) properly?


Upon further inspection, even 1 instance of jCarousel Lite will cause the page layout to become all messed up if javascript is disabled. This is the case with the demo pages of the plugin’s site.

Has anyone come across this issue before and come up w/ a suitable fix for jcarousellite_1.0.1.js?