Using Inc. in name?

I was wondering if some people could give me some feedback.

My company name I want to be is Ghetto Pixel, Inc. its not an incorporated business but just a DBA to me the consultant. Is it illegal to do that if I register the DBA with ,INC. in the name?

I’m pretty sure you have to be incorporated to use Inc, but I can’t find a source for that.

I know that if you are incorporated many states require you to use Inc. or Incorporated, which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re asking :-/

If you’re not incorporated, you shouldn’t use inc.

Definitely not. You’d be totally misrepresenting yourself and would be exposed to subsequent liability (or even fraud) issues. It’s actually illegal in California to file a DBA with a corporate marker like ‘inc’.

In NJ it is required to use Inc or Incorporated or similar if you are registered as a corporation. They also require LLC or Limited to be appended to LLC’s.

And adding Inc to a DBA for a sole proprietership is a bad idea. You would be misleading people and setting yourself up for trouble.

I don’t really think it is allowed.

Inc, Incorporated, Corp, LLC, etc. are reserved for specific registered entity types. If you submitted a Fictitious Business Name application with one of those appended to the name, my guess is that you’re application will get a nice denied stamp on it.

The only time that might be possible, is if the filing entity is a corporation, but I’m not even sure about that, because usually you have to file it in a manner similar to “XYZ, Inc. doing business as Joe’s Hot Spot”.

It depends on your state’s laws. In Texas, you cannot use Inc or Incorporated unless you are. If your business ever does any biz in Texas (sales, etc), they could prosecute you for that.

Check your state’s incorporation statuites for your local.

what a ghetto company name :wink:

I’m not 100% sure about this but I think it’s a fair assumption that ALL states prohibit the use of inc/corp/llc/ltd, etc unless by a legit corporate entity of the suggested type.

It’s not just part of the name, it really means something. I get so many inquiries from people who want to sound important so they call themselves CEO’s and add ‘inc’ to their name. I look them up (easy) and can immediately tell that they are bogus.

You are correct in your answer. The use of Ltd. PLC. Inc. is onloy permitted unless you an organisation registered in the country where the organisation resides to.