Using html.erb as a stand alone file


I know this isn’t good practice and certainly not what rails is all
about but is this possible. I need to customize my CRM to use stripe
which it doesn’t support at present.the CRM is written in Ruby and has a
number of rhtml pages.

Can I add my own display page of html.erb extension to these pages to receive a variable on one of the CRM’s
existing pages written as: <%= (basket.to_f_withvat).to_money %> On this stand alone page. I can then assign this variable:
‘basket_total = (basket.to_f_withvat).to_money’ and then use this to pay with the Stripe
Gateway as below

  charge = Stripe::Charge.create(
    :amount => basket_total, # This is your value as a variable.
    :currency => "usd",
    :card => token,
    :description => ""

---- etc
Again I know this isn’t what RoR and MVC is all about, but it’s the only
way I can think of doing this.


Hi there,

What is your CRM package?
I don’t see a reason why you can’t hack the code, I think .rhtml is just the older extension for .erb so that same code should work in an .rhtml file.

Its HostPay used through HeartInternet. I agree its should be possible, It;s just that i cant figure out a way to do it without using a controller and a route as is required with RoR. I was wondering id there was a way to do this by putting all the code in just the one page.

ERB is just a templating language. I see no reason why you can’t just add some logic to build what you need. Really, this is all Rails does.

Based on the docs, it looks like you can create an ERB template with new and then call result to execute it. I haven’t tried it, but it looks pretty straight forward. ERB Docs