Using curl to pull current temperature?

Is it possible to pull the current weather temperature and add 1 degree to it?

Just trying to full around with Curl for the first time and can not find much documentation on how to do something like this.

Well, you will need to find a weather provider to do that. Something like…

Now, you could retrieve that information with cURL, then parse the XML to find current_conditions/temp_c, and then add 1 to that.

Well now I have that part figured out but before I post the code I have gathered.

In example cURL returns $

When I use echo $e;
it comes back as

when I use echo $e+1;
it comes back as 1

Find out exactly what curl is bringing back, and what type PHP interprets it to be before simply adding a 1 to it.





runs on forever.

And when it returns the value $e. I can not get any math out of it.

right now $e echos 2.8. But that changes every so often. But when i try to add

$e + 1 = $f
echo $f;

returns 2


$html = file_get_html('');

foreach($html->find('span#min_price') as $e)
    echo $e->innertext . '<br>';


So, can you tell me whether you are getting 2.8 as a string or a float?

That’s why I asked you to var_dump() the variable …

I copied the entire code above^.

It pulls the current rate off btc-e for bitcoins in usd.

the 2.8 changes.

I have the cURL pulling the correct info, Just not sure how to alter it. I want to be able to take the current rate $e.

and increase it by a percent.

When I do the var_dump() it never ends…

Almost 100% certain its a string. I did include my code above

Maybe its the way you are adding the values up? This all works for me:

$fl = (float) 2.8;


$fl +=1;


$st = "2.8";


$st +=1;


// gives
// float 2.8
// float 3.8
// string '2.8' (length=3)
// float 3.8

I will try this, Since you seem to know your way around mind taking a look at the link and telling me how to pull out the information I need

      array(1) {
        string(3) "2.9"