Using CsvDataSourceHelper

New to java script

I am using the code from here
and I am adapting it to create the data table using static classes from CsvDataSourceHelper

However CsvDataSourceHelper is not recognised and I cannot get to the bottom of what import statement to use or exactly where to place it. Or do I need to use google.load ?

Help or advice appreciated.


can you post a link to a page where I can see this not working?

I am using a file at the moment. I tried placing the code in a page on my google web site, but it seems to lock you in to templates and I cannot find a way to just create a page and populate it with JUST my html. Neither can I find a way to put the script tags into the header ion the google web template page.

I want realtime graphs and I thought this might be a good way and I just regular repopulate a csv somewhere.

I have attached the html file. At present it just fails to recognise the class. Once I know it recognises it I will use it’s static methods. I think I just don’t know where to put the import statement.

Hi there,

From looking at this page, it seems that CsvDataSourceHelper is a Java library (not a JavaScript library):

Do you have any examples of tutorials or documentation as to how this can be used in a normal webpage (i.e. one which doesn’t rely on having a Java runtime available)?