Using CSS3PIE and LESS on high-load projects

I faced situation of global site redesign (not appearance, but code architecture and underlying technologies). Website has about 135 000 visitors everyday. And it’s crucial to make right decision now.

I had no experience of using LESS and CSS3PIE on such big projects before. Maybe some of you can predict some trouble which I can run into using technologies mentioned above. I would like to know advantages and drawbacks.

Isn’t it better to use old tested and reliable methods like sprites for round corner buttons with shadows and gradients? I look at They just degrade gracefully in IE and don’t use CSS3PIE.

I wouldn’t recommend using less or sass unless you are also compiling down to plain-jane CSS in production. I know sass has something called compass which does that but not sure about less. As for the CSS rounded corners there is really no reaaon not to use CSS, it is only decoration. Who really cares if does not work on IE. Well, than again if you do care css3 pie does work great for that and I have not had an efficiency issues using it. There is a bit of a flicker but that is the nature of the beast.

Thank you, oddz! I posted this question on 4 websites and you was the only, who replied my post.
I stumbled upon Less CSS PHP compiler, which only compiles LESS-file if it changed, so I belive it to be a good starting point.

CSS3PIE is fine…I use it as the rounded corner solution for IE, since all the other browsers support CSS rounded corners and it doesn’t add much extra work.

As for LESS…I’m not particularly fond of code that isn’t portable.

There recently was another thread on LESS you may be interested in: