Using autoplay on Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to use autoplay in certain circumstances.

These are 4 examples they give:

Example 1: Every time a user visits on their laptop they watch a TV show or a movie. As their media engagement score is high, autoplay is allowed.

Example 2: has both text and video content. Most users go to the site for text content and watch videos only occasionally. Users’ media engagement score is low, so autoplay wouldn’t be allowed if a user navigates directly from a social media page or search.

Example 3: has both text and video content. Most people enter the site through the homepage and then click on the news articles. Autoplay on the news article pages would be allowed because of user interaction with the domain. However, care should be taken to make sure users aren’t surprised by autoplaying content.

Example 4: embeds an iframe with a movie trailer to go along with their review. The user interacted with the domain to get to the specific blog, so autoplay is allowed. However, the blog needs to explicitly delegate that privilege to the iframe in order for the content to autoplay.

Autoplay with sound is allowed if:

User has interacted with the domain (click, tap, etc.).

If this is put on a website:
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch This Video</a>

Where would this fall under?

Allowed, or Not allowed?

Because someone would be interacting with the link, this would be considered allowed under their rules, right?

For autoplay to be able to work.

This autoplays with “Google Chrome”. :winky:

I don’t really understand why you are worrying about it, though. :unhappy:

It is much wiser to assume that the user will detest autoplay. :biggrin:.


I just want to know if I’m doing it the right way.

So, then, if it’s / there’s a link directed to it, then autoplay is good / allowed in Chrome.

Yes that is correct. :winky:

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I would argue that adding target="_blank" to your links is not the right way.

Leave your visitors to decide for themselves whether or not they wish to open things in new tabs / windows, rather than cluttering up their browser with multiple instances they may not want.

Control of the browser should always lie in the hands of the visitor.

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I know when I browse I hate clicking the back arrow to go back every time.
Opening in a new window I find better.

That’s your personal preference; you shouldn’t impose it on others. If I want to open a link in a new window or tab, I can choose to do that. If I don’t want to open a new window, I shouldn’t be forced to.

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You mean, let the user decide manually whether or not to open in a new window.

That’s exactly what I mean. Respect the wishes of the user.

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