Using animation as a teaching tool

I want to go into animation to be able to use it as a tool for teaching high school science concepts (especially creating illustrations in explaining concepts, solving problems, etc).
Now, which technique (motion graphics, traditional or computer animation) best suits, where do I start from scratch, and how long could this take? Thanks alot and a happy new year to you dear respondent.

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Thanks men for such a wonderful creativity.
I think if you have the resources already it can be presented as a live presentation.
I hope you can create the animations
I’m Meregulwa Abubakari a Mathematics and Economics teacher in Ugandan high school

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Using a computer is probably the easiest option, it’s faster than traditional methods as you only need set up keyframes. With the old methods like cell or stop-motion you have to set up and capture every frame which become incredibly time consuming.
Computer animation is much more accessible to the masses these days too, with open-source softwares available. Though professional software is still expensive.

That’s like asking “How long is a piece of string?” There are so many variables, the type/style, the length, the complexity of the animation, and much more.
I have worked on animation projects where some very simple ones are completed in a matter of minutes, other larger, more complex projects have taken several months to complete.


Thank you all. I have got great team and project is well underway. :wink:

Hey Meregulwa, thanks for showing interest in my project. :sunglasses:

If you want to get into the very depth of rendering some good animations or still images, in my opinion blender would be the way to it’s a great software let’s you build everything from scratch the only catch to it is that you’ll have to invest a little time learning it first. Lastly, the rendering time would directly depend on the quality of image you are creating.
Hope this helps.

This isn’t a reply to suggest or advice your cause, but I have to say that I really support what you’re doing, and think it’s a great project to explore! I wish my teachers back in high school were as enthusiastic as you are - probably would’ve done a lot better then.

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Hey man nice to see you to the use of the animation as a techning tool. It is really helpful for the peoples.