Using "and" in SEF URL



I am wondering if it is beneficial or not to use “and” in URLs such as:


or if it should be


Any suggestions would be great!



Beneficial to whom?

Does it make it any easier for potential visitors to read? I’d say not really.

Do search engines care? No.

My main concern (having made this mistake myself redface) would be whether you are likely to be telling other people this domain name - for example, as an email address. It might look nice and legible, but do you really want to have to tell folk your address is “info at government hyphen and hyphen politics hyphen in hyphen florida dot com”? If it’s only ever going to appear online, that’s OK, but do think it through carefully.


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I may have mis-asked my question… this would be an inside page rather than the main domain.

For example, it would be


Ah - OK. Sorry, I had misunderstood. In that case I’d go with whichever you think is easiest to read.

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