Using a Wordperfect or MS Word document as a background image?

Hello there–I’m a total novice at this–building what is most likely going to be the only site I ever produce. I want it to look essentially like a piece of letterhead stationary (the site is for my law practice). I also want to use some tricks I found in here for making the edges look rolled or curled like a piece of paper (I found a tutorial on how to do this using CSS without images.). I found it very simple to make a “background” in Wordperfect because that application has decorative borders, etc., included and it is designed for making letterhead stationary.

The question is: can I convert a Wordperfect document into PNG (or other format y’all might reccommend) and simply use this as a background image that I lay my HTML text over? And, of course, if it is possible to do this might I want to do it another (perhaps better) way instead. In other words, is this a good idea? For all I know, what I’m suggesting here is common practice. The point is I want to use “best practices” throughout on my project–I’m kinda crazy like that.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

I’ll admit it, I’ve often created simple graphics in Word because I understand it much better than I understand complicated graphics packages :blush:

The easiest thing to do, when you’ve got the image in your word processor at the size you want it, do a screen dump (press the Print Screen key), open up whatever graphics package you have, and paste it as a new image. You then need to crop it so that it’s only showing the relevant graphic, then you can save it as a .png and use it on your website.

Many graphics programs include their own screen capture option that will allow you to select the spacific part of your screen that is displaying what you want to make into an image.