Using a shared SSL certificate across multiple domains

Hi folks,

I’ve got an SSL certificate which I’d like to use across all of the domains on a dedicated server (at the client’s request).

Is it possible to do this without using something like https://ssldomain/~username/? Ideally they’d like to use the domains set up as they are just now (but using https, obviously) and use the single shared certificate.

Thanks in advance.


Whatever you specify will work for all the domains but will not match on the domain names. Providing the people using it know what the domain name of the certificate is so as to accept the mismatch then they will be able to use it.


The answer to your question is a definite NO! Even with “wildcard (sub)domains,” your clients visitors will be in you website THEN show their DIRECTORY for their DocumentRoot.

The only way to provide your client’s domain in the URL is to move them to a dedicated IP address and obtain a secure server certificate for his domain (decide first whether you want www’d or non-www’d domain for the secure server certificate - it DOES make a difference!).

I’ve done this (share my cert) with clients for more than 15 years. It works but I do add a pop-up to advise their visitors that they will be in the client’s directory of MY website to the link.