Users receive Paypal payment automatically?

I’m thinking of setting up a crowdfunding portal, but there’s an issue. With all the current systems I can find, I have to pay the project owners myself directly out of my paypal account, from the money from the backers. The problem with that is that the backers payment would of incurred fees when it gets to my paypal account, if I then send it back out to the project owner it will incur further fees (so double fees) to get to them.

Obviously this is no good.

What ideally I want is that backers money goes directly from the backer to the project owner and I take a small cut somehow in between, but like I said there doesn’t seem to be anyway to do this. I’ve heard of something called Paypal adaptive payments but I’m not sure this is really what I need.

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, it’s what you are looking for:

Quote from Paypal website

Adaptive payments handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment. You are an application owner, such as a merchant that owns a website, the owner of a widget on a social networking site, the provider of a payment application on mobile phones, and so on. Your application is the caller of Adaptive Payments API operations.