User Sign Up & Account Status


I am in the process of creating my signup system for my app.

Users must complete the following sign up form:


Mobile Number[/B]

Once a they complete the form a 5 digit pin SMS is sent to the user. They must enter that 5 digit pin to confirm their mobile number.

Users will have 1 of 3 statuses:

Pending - user has completed the signup form, but has not confirmed their mobile number with the 5 digit pin
Live - user has completed the signup form, and confirmed their mobile number (and are now able to use the app)
Banned - user was live, but was banned from the app for posting inappropriate content

When a new user signs up, the form checks to see if the new mobile number is already associated with another account, and if it is, what status that account has.

  • if the account status is ‘pending’, then allow user to proceed and send the 5 digit pin
  • if the account status is ‘banned’, stop the user and notify them that they must use another mobile number


  • if the user enters a mobile number that is already associated with a ‘live’ account, what should i allow the user to do?

At first i was thinking of notifying them that, that mobile number is already in use, however, what if the user had lost their phone and is purely trying to sign up again on their new phone (which has the same mobile number)?

Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.


Normally, all the cases like bending, live and banned for your assignment is perfect. In the scenario when a user enters a mobile number that is already associated with a ‘live’ account your thinking is correct, it should say that “mobile number is already in use”. Don’t consider whether customer lost the mobile number or not. If mobile number is correct just proceed further steps, if it is not then give the previous message.

Well I would give an option for the person to receive a code to the already registered number. That way the person will be able to get back into his or her account. But this raises another problem? What are the chances someone changes their mobile and then the company gives that number to another customer? I know some companies that do such thing. If this happens then the idea of giving the person the option to receive a code becomes problem because he could get into an account that is not his.

One way to fix this is after you send the code to the user you then ask him a couple of security questions which you have their answers already. If he answers then you give them full access to the account if not then they are probably a new user who just happens to habe bought a number that was used by someone before.

A lot of work needed to be done but security must be your number issue all the time.

I hope that os clear?

Thanks guys.

A user could lose their phone and could need to re-install the app again.

I was thinking of displaying of displaying the following message if they try to sign up with a ‘live’ mobile number:

“Hi, this number is already registered. Please sign in!”

I think you need to study the ideas and situations I outlined in my first post because just diaplaying that message will not bw enough because of a mobile number being involved. That is juat my opinion.

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