User-Generated Banner Maker Script that works Automatically BANNER GENERATOR Script?

I want to give users of my site who want to pay me to upload a banner ad the ability to click on a button on my site that takes them to a script installed in my site where the user chooses banner properties from a template, creates his own banner and then clicks “PAY” and Uploads the ad. Then, a minute later, the banner that the user created himself using the script on my site begins to display on my website after he has paid for the advertisement.

Is there such an automated (auto pilot)-type of script, where website publishers don’t have to worry about corresponding w/a potential advertiser?

Instead, the user/potential advertiser decides: "I would like to advertise here, but I don’t have a banner…oh, I can just make one right here using the site’s own script. :smile: "

My site would have a BUILT-IN banner maker script that gives the user a couple of BASIC banner styles with basic fonts (nothing too fancy), and the user doesn’t have to bother calling me or emailing me.

The whole process would be on AUTO PILOT and the payment is made to the site w/o any hassles

Here is the closest thing to this I’ve found so far: .

But that is a paid service, which isn’t as automated. There is some involvement with the customer and the owners of the script.


Have a look through - there are plenty of ready made scripts listed there that allow customers to add and pay for a banner/ad service.

A word of caution these sort of things could be open to abuse so it’s recommended you moderate submitted ads!

tHANKS for the quick reply.

I had seen hotscripts before but all I see there are Banner Ad MANAGMENT scripts.
Those scripts shown there are for site owners to MANAGE the banner ads once they have been created by the person who wants to pay to run an ad.

I’m looking for a script that MAKES THE BANNERS on auto-pilot. The potential advertiser uses the script to make a banner.

For example, something like this:

But I want to make the bannermaker-clone script become incorporated into our site as part of the service offered by our site.

Do you know of something like

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